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Two meals for $10 ​

prepared by local restaurants

delivered by volunteers for free.

​​Stay home. Stay safe.

New free groceries and meals program!

How much do meals cost?​

We partner with local restaurants to offer fixed-priced meals. Each time you order, you get 1 "ration" of two meals ("normal" or "veggie") for $10 total, plus tax. Our volunteers will deliver these meals for free. 

No subscriptions. Order as many times as you need!

​Who can order meals?
​Order meals with us if you are over 60, or need to self-isolate. We are in Berkeley, Albany and Kensington.

How it works

How it works

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1. Sign up

  • If this is your first time with us, click on the button below. This will take you to our community support page where you need to register. Make sure to check the option "I want to order meals."

  • Remember your email and password for future logins.

  • Our team will review your request and will need a few hours to validate your information and confirm you as "consumer", will send you a welcome message with instructions. Please check your email. Once you receive our confirmation, you will be able to access the list of restaurants.

Trouble signing up? Call (510) 288-3080

2.  Pick your favorite restaurant

  • If you are already registered and confirmed as "consumer" you can now click on the button below to access the most up-to-date list of HelpBerkeley restaurant partners, their hours of operation and phone numbers.

  • If you get an "error" page when clicking, make sure you are logged in and reload the page.

  • We are constantly expanding our list of restaurant partners where you can order next-day meals. Come back to this step for future orders!

Step 2

*Only works for registered, logged-in users.

3. Call the restaurant and order your 

next-day meal by 5pm.

  • Call and say: "Hi, I'd like to order "HelpBerkeley rations"*.

  • Choose a meal type ("veggie" or "normal"). Check if compatible with your food allergies. 

  • Provide the restaurant with your name, phone number, and your credit card number.

*One ration includes 2 meals of the same type for $10 total plus tax.

4. Receive your meal

  • ​​The next day, our volunteer driver will deliver your meal at your doorstep, knock on your door and give you a call to notify you.

  • Collect your meal, discard packaging and refrigerate the rations you will not consume immediately.

  • Thoroughly wash your hands!

5. Repeat!

Do you need more next-day meals? You can order as many times as you'd like. Just go to step 2!

Get involved!

Are you passionate about helping your community? There are plenty of ways you can help! When signing up, tell us your preferred option.

Drivers & Dispatchers

Help us deliver meals to Berkeley homes.

Tech Support

Help our users navigate the service.


Help us spread the word around Berkeley!

Social Media

Help us connect with our community.

Already a member? Go to the volunteers hub.

Get involved

How often will I volunteer and how much time is needed to help? 
One day of volunteering takes about 2-3 hours. Once per week or every day of the week, just tell us your availability and preferences and we will find a way to make it work!

Can’t find what you like?

Tell us what you’re good at! We can find something in this journey where you’ll be a star.

Contact us
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